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Bouquet of wedding flowers: trends 2022.

Bouquet of wedding flowers: trends 2022.


Wedding flowers what are the trends for the bridal bouquet 2022? Are you a romantic and dreamy bride who would like for her wedding a more classic bouquet made of roses, callas and peonies or a more eccentric bride who would like to dare with more alternative flowers?

Bouquet of wedding flowers: trends 2022.

On today's Must Wedding we will reveal the trends planned for 2022, to make your bouquet of flowers for your wedding unique and in vogue.

Bouquet flowers wedding trends 2022. The iceberg rose, the white peony and the calla for a romantic and bon ton composition.

The undisputed queen for wedding bouquet remains the rose even among the latest 2022 trends, both red, symbol of passion and love, and white, an expression of candor but also refinement and elegance, but very particular is also the iceberg rose with its white and small buds reminiscent of glaciers. It can be found in the white, red or even soft orange color variant.

And if you do not know which of these flowers to choose for your bouchet on your wedding day, why not create a composition with all three, are or are not the flowers trends 2022? A bouquet of flowers for your wedding completed by white ribbon, powder or even ivory and embellished with crystals.

Bouquet of wedding flowers: trends 2022.

In the rose of trends 2022 wedding bouquets could not miss peonies and callas, these magical flowers from a fascinating history. In fact, it is said that the calla was born from the milk of the breast of the goddess Juno hence its milky color.

Bouquet of buttercups or anemones and cascading callas complemented by long ribbons and pearls would make your wedding a unique day with the 2022 trends.

For an elegant bouquet of flowers for your wedding, 2022 among the new trends sees anemones and buttercups, less classic than roses but still simple and with different varieties of colors.


Bouquet of wedding flowers: trends 2022.

 Bouquet flowers wedding trends 2022. Wildflowers and sunflowers the real novelty for the bride who loves to tempt and more rebellious.

The real novelty for 2022 in terms of wedding trends are the bouquets formed by wildflowers such as ears of wheat, cornflower, daisies, red poppy. Why not imagine a beautiful bouquet of flowers for wedding composed of only red poppies, for a bride with a wilder soul?  Or even a bouquet of ears of wheat and cornflower and daisies?

In truth, the tradition of the bouquet of flowers comes from the bunch that the groom brought to his bride on their wedding day and was composed of wildflowers that the groom himself picked in the morning. The novelty that embraces tradition. Trends always start from traditions!

Bouquet of wedding flowers: trends 2022.

And if your wedding day is the most beautiful and sunny day then how not to choose the flower among the flowers that the sun represents; sunflower. Among the 2022 trends bouquet wedding flowers the sunflower triumphs, accompanied by ears of wheat and lavender, or even chamomile flowers and tulips.

And with chili? A pairing to do absolutely for a bouquet of wedding flowers that expresses passion and radiance. 2022 trends to dare!

Bouquet of wedding flowers: trends 2022.

Trends 2022 bouquet wedding flowers; which one to choose? After all, the bouquet represents the personality of the wearer, so let's reflect it in the bouquet, for your wedding choose the one that best suits you, and that represents you.  and reflecting 2022 trends.

Trends 2022, flowers bouquet wedding, green light to 'immainazione!

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